Avoid the pitch count clicker

For about the same price as a pitch count clicker from Dick’s, you can skip buying one and just use What’s The Scorebook. Or even better, use both and compare your scorebook tally to the person running the pitch clicker for a more accurate count of pitches thrown each inning.

What’s The Scorebook contains an innovative feature in which pitch count is integrated in each scorebox, and you tally the pitches as you track each player’s at-bat. Simply write in the pitcher’s jersey number in the box provided, then make a tally mark for every pitch thrown: ball, hit-by-pitch (ball), strike, foul (strike), and balls hit in play (strike). At the end of the inning, quickly recount all the Balls and Strikes tally marks and note them in the Pitch Count table provided. You will find it much easier than other scorebooks with pitch count off in a separate section on the page!