Whats the Scorebook FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated 5/1/18

Question Answer
What does the scorebook cost? The introductory price is $10 cash or check per book. I also offer in person credit card transaction using PayPal and charge $10.50 to offset additional fees.
Can I buy the scorebook online? Yes, I offer the book for sale via PayPal checkout which involves additional USPS shipping cost. Click here to buy. Thank you.
Before I buy, can I view sample pages from the scorebook? Certainly. Please contact me if you are interested and I will email you a 4-page PDF file that includes the cover, intro page, Opponent game page, and Our Team game page.
What ages should use this book? The scorebook is an ideal tool for youth baseball teams in the 8-14 age range, when pitch count tracking is required by the league. It makes scorekeeping easier and is a no-brainer for travel ball, club teams, Little League, Cal Ripken, and even house teams. It can be used for younger ages with coach or machine pitch, but you may want a cheaper bare-bones book. It also can be used for older ages in Babe Ruth, Legion ball, or High School baseball teams, but if you are looking for advanced stats tracking and player substitutions, this book won’t meet those needs.
How many games can I score with the book? The initial version of the scorebook has pages to score 25 games. This should work fine for most association house teams who play fewer games. Travel and club baseball teams will likely need 2 or more books for their season.
What are the book dimensions? The scorebook measures 9.5″ x 12″. It includes a wire-coil binding on the long edge, like a typical school notebook. Also, it has a heavy back cover for a sturdy writing surface and high-quality 80# paper so ink will not bleed through.
Does the scorebook include instructions for scorekeepers? Yes, the first page contains a SCORING & PITCH COUNT EXAMPLES section with detailed explanation of plays in a fictitious 1st inning and how the scorekeeper will tally the pitches thrown. Along with this, there is a section listing SCORING SYMBOLS and FIELDING POSITION NUMBERS.
Does the scorebook contain lineup cards to exchange? Yes, the scorebook contains an innovative feature in which every set of game pages contains a perforated tear-out lineup section in the lower right of each set of game pages. This handy feature makes it extremely simple to provide a lineup to the opponent.
Does the scorebook contain pitch count tracking? Yes, the scorebook contains an innovative feature in which pitch count is integrated in each scorebox, and you tally the pitches as you track each player’s at-bat. Simply write in the pitcher’s jersey number in the box provided, then make a tally mark for every pitch thrown: ball, hit-by-pitch (ball), strike, foul (strike), and balls hit in play (strike). At the end of the inning, quickly recount all the Balls and Strikes tally marks and note them in the Pitch Count table provided. You will find it much easier than other scorebooks with pitch count in a separate section on the page!
Is there a youth softball version of the scorebook? I kept the initial version focused on youth baseball. But stay tuned, it’s possible I’ll branch to other sports like softball in the future. Until then, feel free to use this version for softball, it works very well. The main goal was improving a scorekeeper’s #1 challenge of tracking pitchers and tallying their pitch counts.
I bought the scorebook and I’m wondering why does the back page show only the Opponent page on the left? I apologize for this. Being this is version 1.0 of the scorebook, a minor error was made by my print vendor. The back of the final page was only supposed to show the tear-out section ad in the lower left, and the rest should have been a blank page. Rest assured, you have 25 complete games in the scorebook.
Why isn’t there a small box next to the player name to write fielding position number? The small ‘Pos’ column to the right of the ‘Players’ column was intentionally omitted. I’ve found that scorekeepers in youth baseball rarely use it. Kids are constantly rotating positions in the field and it’s too hard to keep track in a paper scorebook. I will say that GameChanger and similar apps work great for tracking players in the field.
Why aren’t the inning columns marked 2, 3, 4, … ? You have a good eye, this is another feature of the scorebook! After the first inning, you will write-in each inning number; no more scribbling out the next inning numbers when a team bats around.
Can my organization or sporting goods store get a customized scorebook with our logo across the front? Sorry not at this time. This book is a brand new product in limited production. However, I am interested in exploring this option in the near future so contact me through the feedback form if you are interested in discussing this arrangement.
My team has 14 or more players, can we use the scorebook? Sorry but this scorebook will not work for your needs. To most efficiently use space on the page, I purposely only included rows for a maximum of 13 players on a baseball team.