Dick’s scorebook comparison

Why spend $13 at Dick’s on a ‘recreational’ scorebook when you can get the EASIEST scorebook for youth baseball for only $10 introductory offer? By the way,  the Dick’s book only has 20 games, WTSB has 25, as well as many more great features! Here’s a table comparing other features:

Dick’s What’s The Scorebook
Price $13 $10
Games 20 25
Coil Top, awkward to flip Left, easy like a notebook
Pitch count Separate section for tallying Exclusive feature, integrated in the scorebox!
Stats “Loaded with statistical tools” takes up space on the page that most teams don’t use Most important, the pitch count tally table, that’s about it!
Players 17 – too many for youth baseball 13 – just right for the vast majority of youth teams