12 pitch count at-bat using What’s The Scorebook

In this YouTube video, the scorekeeper is tracking a crazy 12 pitch at-bat. The batter has worked a 2-2 count and tallied a 7th “strike” after 5 straight foul balls, so now all 7 of the strike tally boxes are filled. On the 10th pitch, the batter hits another foul ball, so now the scorekeeper puts an 8th strike tally in the open space. Then a ball is thrown on the 11th pitch which brings him to a 3-2 full count. On the final pitch of the at-bat, the batter freezes on a low strike call for a strikeout looking, which is the first out of the inning.

At the end of the inning, the scorekeeper tallies up the balls and strikes and updates the pitch count table at the bottom of the page. In this 7th inning, pitcher #16 threw 8 balls and 13 strikes for a total of 21 pitches. Adding up his 24 pitches from the previous 6th inning brings his 2-inning total to 45 pitches thrown.

This is pretty rare to see a batter foul off this many pitches, but it can happen. When designing What’s The Scorebook, I settled on providing 7 strike boxes in the scorebox. After scoring 27 games in my son’s 13U season to date, I had never yet encountered an at-bat that went beyond using the 7 boxes. When this batter hit 4 straight fouls, I quickly grabbed my phone and started recording to see how long it would go. It was amazing to see the at-bat take 12 pitches, and I had to use the open space above the row of strike boxes to tally 2 more strike pitches. Wow, it was a long at-bat and in the end our team’s pitcher won the battle with a strikeout!

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