What’s The Scorebook – original features

Exclusive scorebook features!

  • Larger scorebox that’s evolved to track pitches as you record balls, strikes, fouls, and balls hit in play for every at-bat.
  • Pitching summary table included at bottom of both team pages.
  • Perforated tear-out lineup included on every set of game pages; simplifies copying your lineup to exchange with the opponent.

Additional features include:

  • Affordable price – introductory price is just $10 per scorebook!
  • Youth baseball edition works great for girls fastpitch softball too!
  • High quality book with wire-coil binder and sturdy cover and back page.
  • Bigger scorebox helps those who use glasses or maybe a scorekeeper using a dulling pencil.
  • Game notes area to jot down the big plays and key moments of the game.
  • Write-in each inning number; no more scribbling out the next inning numbers when a team bats around.
  • Dashed section to clearly mark the end of each inning.
  • Clearly defined pages: left page is OPPONENT, right page is OUR TEAM.
  • Area to mark FINAL SCORE along with circling Win or Loss in upper right of every set of game pages.
  • And even more!
What’s The Scorebook cover (version 1)

2 thoughts on “What’s The Scorebook – original features”

  1. I’m a first time coach by default along with other dads. Other parent/coaches are also freaking out about keeping score and volunteers are very slim. Along with the book is there some online training you can recommend that is easy to follow and understand. ?

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    1. First of all, thank you for coaching, I hope you have a fun and rewarding season! As far as keeping score, don’t freak out, it’s not very hard once you dive in and try. There is no exact way but the basics are marking the at-bat and if a play was made, indicating where the baserunners are, and tracking pitches! I think this youtube tutorial series is does a decent job. Part1 & Part2. Hopefully this helps.


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